October 22 - 25, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Searching for innovative telecom billing solutions for your operations and subscriber-facing invoicing? Need comprehensive customer call and interaction recording solutions to offer to your enterprise clients?

Join our experts at Broadsoft Connections to discover your cloud and on-premise customer interaction solutions to provide your enterprise clients with the ability to meet customer interaction regulations and compliance. SmartRecord is enabling companies worldwide to satisfy customer recording and policy legislation, such as the soon-to-be-enacted MiFID II in the EU region.

Need to ensure revenue realization from services rendered? Automate your billing processes with CustomCall WebTopBPM Billing SaaS to efficiently process customer acquisition through to payment confirmation and revenue recognition.

Service providers worldwide are enabling high value enterprise business services, and high margin revenue generation opportunities for small, medium and large enterprise customers with Enghouse Networks customer-facing interaction solutions.

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