June 21, 2016

Enghouse Networks Limited, is pleased to announce recent advancements to their Analysis electronic invoice management (EIM) and customer self-service application,  enabling operators to significantly improve the user experience within the critical invoicing and billing analysis aspects of their business.

Analysis V8.0 fully supports growing subscriber self-service trends, enabling them to resolve their own billing enquiries and minimizes the work load on the operators’ call centers and customer service staff. It underpins the customer experience commitments of operators and helps save time on customer support and billing print fulfilment costs. Enterprise customers are empowered to clearly understand and manage their telecoms spend through a variety of mediums, from customized and personalized printed invoices to interactive online invoice analysis.

The principal method of invoice delivery is through a fully branded online customer website. For consumers and small enterprises of telecommunications operators, the web portal provides easy access to invoices and simple billing analysis that enables customers of telecommunications operators’ to better understand, analyze and assign costs from their invoices at a glance. Large enterprises and corporate customers have access to a sophisticated analysis solution that provides a rich set of analytical reports and tools as well as corporate management features such as, business and personal call classification, company structure management, and international reporting features such as local tax and currency conversion.

Amanda Pearson, Product Manager, Enghouse Analysis states, “Operators who are able to successfully personalize their billing services to specific customer needs, are seeing direct improvements in their Customer Experience Excellence score. This latest Analysis Version 8.0 of our EIM application empowers operators to better understand their subscriber usage, trends, manage subscriber expectations and reduce customer service support costs, typically by 20%, after deploying Analysis.”

Enghouse Networks will be showcasing the latest Analysis Version 8.0 at the CEM in Telecoms Europe event in Prague this month. Themed ‘Building the Foundations for Growth’, the event takes place June 27 – 29, 2016 at Vienna House Diplomat, Prague, Czech Republic.  The event is the premier meeting place for customer experience leaders to connect, collaborate and shape the future of the European telecoms industry.