Analysis 8 E-Billing and Presentment

Enghouse Networks Analysis 8 E-Billing and Presentment solution offers service providers a suite of electronic invoicing, analysis and customer self-service applications that enable cost recovery and savings, and enhance end user customer experiences.

Enterprise customers of Telecommunications Service Providers need to effectively deal with invoicing for fixed line, mobile voice, and data services. A consolidated view of billing data across these services, the need to easily allocate inter-departmental telecom costs, and personal cost recovery have all become critical business requirements. 

Enghouse Analysis consolidates customer billing data, from multiple billing systems, into one easy to navigate online portal that can be easily branded.

Service Provider Benefits

  • Provide one bill presentation and analytics system for all customer segments from small and medium to large enterprises
  • Offer a value added, differentiated service to all your customers via personalised billing and tailored views
  • Gain valuable insights from customer trends and usage information
  • Consolidate billing data by producing a single consolidated invoice view from multiple billing systems, and eliminate paper
  • Reduce operating costs minimizing call centre workloads by providing the end user with the tools and information to solve their own billing queries.
  • Improve Customer Experience Excellence (CEM) scores
  • Improve uptake of cross sales and upgrade marketing offers via targeted marketing
  • SaaS architecture offers capex and opex savings

End User Benefits

  • Eliminate paper invoicing and receive all bills electronically
  • Access, view and summarize complete billing data across a range of telecommunications services
  • See at a glance billing highlights & trending data from a personalized home page
  • Real-time reporting on unrated billing data
  • Easily allocate and assign interdepartmental costs
  • Create and enforce employee telecom usage polices
  • Identify and separate personal and business costs, enabling cost recovery and tax compliance
  • Control costs and unauthorized use of services
  • Avoid bill-shock events by creating alerts for early warning of high cost usage
  • Advanced enterprise management and reporting
  • Speed up bill approval
  • Accessible from a range of devices