InCharge Online Business Portal

Putting you ‘InCharge’ of customer engagement through a self-service technology platform and powerful business portal.

InCharge consolidates feeds from multiple billing engines into a single solution, so that end users can see all of their billing costs and services through one portal login. InCharge’s easy to navigate Online Business Portal includes billed and real-time information for billing analysis, digital invoice access, bill payment, and order and management of devices and services through an online shop.

SMEs and large enterprise customers of telecommunications operators need to effectively receive and deal with digital invoicing for enterprise, mobile voice, and data services. A consolidated view of billing data across these services, the need to easily allocate inter-departmental telecom costs, and personal cost recovery have all become critical business requirements.

Customer Billing Analytics

Personalised bill analysis and reporting tool that helps customers to control, analyse and validate monthly bills

Multi-Currency, Multi-Language

Interact in multiple global regions

Digital Invoices

Eliminate paper invoicing and send all bills electronically

Real-Time Alerts

Send alerts on billing events to prevent bill shock

Bill Dispute & Payment

Enables SMEs and Enterprises to pay a single or all invoices, and to request an investigation to dispute invoices and charges


Enables the reporting and management of business and personal calls

Operator Analytics

Provide business intelligence for the operator on revenues, profits, customer segments, and individual accounts

Shop & Self Service

Business customers can order and configure new services and devices through an online store

Enghouse can provide InCharge as a fully managed and hosted SaaS, removing operational day-to-day requirements, while ensuring that CSPs are empowered to change and adapt InCharge to meet their customers’ needs.


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InCharge Product Sheet

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