Intelligent Routing

Enghouse Networks Pulse Intelligent Routing (IR) Platform handles all routing centrally to ensure greater business efficiencies, and improved customer service levels in real time.

Changes are made globally without the need to update switching translation or routing tables for individual network elements. Apply origination, destination, and exception routing policies, unique business logic and more.

Complex route tables can be optimized and managed through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Least Cost Intelligent Routing

Realize significant interconnect cost savings by applying granular, nth digit routing policies in real-time, on a call-by-call basis.

Toll Free Enhanced Message Routing

Introduce text and multi-media capabilities for differentiated toll-free services.

QoS Optimized Call Routing

Optimize call routing based on quality-of-service.

Emergency Call Routing

Improve accuracy and response times for emergency calls.

Fraud Control

Minimize premium rate service fraud, ping calls or corporate PBX abuse with a powerful toolbox of call routing features.

Global Number Portability Routing

Reduce interconnection fees and enhance billing for voice, SMS and MMS based on global Number Portability (NP) Central Reference Database (CRDB) connections.

Blacklists and Whitelists

Bypass and block termination traffic based on suppliers, customers, A-number, B-number, number series, trunks, switches and other criterion.

Wholesale Routing

Assure minimum margins. Manage unique routing policies for multiple suppliers and customers.


A comprehensive application that includes what-if scenario planning and impact analysis, combined with historical data analysis.

International Carrier Routing

Enable call routing policies for multiple country numbering plans.


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