MVNO Revenue Management

Our CDRator MVNO revenue management solution enables rapid time-to-launch for mobile and fixed network services.

Whether you are a start-up or a maturing MNO/MVNO, our team has the integration experience needed to enable businesses to grasp new opportunities.

Our team has successfully brought over 50 MVNOs to market and our solution has all the components needed to help you automate your business processes through which to launch and differentiate your offering.

Integration Expertise

CDRator has been integrated with over 25 different mobile network operators in more than 15 countries.


CDRator’s multi-tenant platform includes comprehensive personalization. Retain global control of all MVNO clients and brands from a single environment, while maintaining business individuality for each white label or brand.

Next Generation Converged Services

Full convergence enables innovative service offerings that extend beyond mobile, from fixed line and VoIP, to triple and quad-play services from a single solution.


Enterprise Customer Solutions

Address and fulfill the unique requirements presented by enterprise customers.

Managed Services

Free up internal resources to focus on customer acquisitions and rapidly building your MVNO business