Wholesale Revenue Management

With more than 18 years of experience and installations across 70 countries, Enghouse Networks Basset Wholesale Revenue Management solutions enable you to automate and invigorate your wholesale business, by empowering you to integrate real-time billing, roaming, routing, trading, security and interconnect data into a single framework, leading to improved operational efficiencies, advanced fraud protection and increased revenue generation.

Efficient Revenue Management Podcast [Audio]

Daniel Ölvebrink, Head of Products, Wholesale for Enghouse Networks, and Telecom Reseller’s Gary Audin discuss the challenges faced by providers, carriers, and resellers concerning revenue management.

Operational Excellence

Automate billing for all your complex agreements, incorporating intelligent routing and number portability.


Advanced Fraud Protection

Real-time fraud detection and advanced tools for analysis and prevention.


Improve Profitability

Enhance revenue assurance, prevent revenue leakage and capitalize on new technologies and business models.

Interconnect Billing

A globally recognized, GSMA compliant revenue assurance solution enabling efficient time to revenue for your global wholesale interconnect agreements.

Roaming Billing

GSMA compliant revenue assurance solution enabling rapid time to revenue for your global mobile roaming agreements.

Routing & Trading

Use real-time data to deliver improvements across wholesale and interconnect businesses by rapid implementation of policies.


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