Call Completion

Our Jinny Call Completion products enable mobile operators to drive revenues through attractive ARPU generating subscriber services and reduced costs.

Our architecture provides the flexibility, features and framework components that enables mobile operators to evolve their service portfolio to include richer and more interactive services, while also reducing time to market.

Call-related activity makes up to 80% of mobile revenues. In a typical mobile network, up to 70% of calls are answered, completed and paid for. 30% of unanswered calls represents a significant chunk of missed revenues due to the terminating subscriber being busy, unavailable or simply not answering the call.

Most subscribers use a standard ringtone and are unaware of the personalisation options available that enhance not only their own experience, but the experience of those who communicate with them.

 Ringback Tones

Enables mobile users to personalise the listening experience of callers.

Missed Call Notification

Notifies subscriber of a missed caller’s number together with other information such as date, time and number of times the caller rang.

Voice Mail

A carrier-class centralised voice and video messaging system, which collects messages.

Network IVVR

Enables mobile operators to provide interactive content through both voice and video.

Collect Call

Enables your prepaid subscribers to initiate and make calls even if they do not have sufficient credit to do so.