We are a Swedish company with a global focus who meet the increasing demand from telecom operators for specialized network development and core operational solutions which traditional industry vendors cannot offer.

We are IN/SIP experts and our solutions are cost effective, reliable, scalable, and future proof. Technical quality, rapid development and adaptability are our trademarks.


Network resiliency, turnkey delivery with flawless migration. Highest possible service and support quality. We were involved in the 2001 Swedish NP standardisation and Swedish quality expertise is at our core.

We focus on delivering and running quality services and this is one of the main reasons for our success. Our customer base (of 20 operators worldwide) is extremely satisfied, which is reflected in a return business percentage of over 80%.


We combine stable platforms and technical expertise with lengthy experience in Number Portability and telecommunication services. 

  • 10% of all Swedish NP lookups are handled by our iNode systems.
  • Our systems manage one third of all out-and-in porting messages in Sweden.
  • 65 million calls are handled daily through our iNode systems.


Network independence & customised applications. Vendor agnostic platforms supporting a wide range of protocols plus TDM, VoIP and IMS networks. What sets us apart is our ability to deliver tailor-made solutions with outstanding operation and maintenance.


We are a compact and highly skilled organisation with a quick decision making process. We always deliver services on time and stay within budget.

Our service creation environment is designed to rollout carrier class products rapidly. Delivery time varies between 4-16 weeks depending on the application complexity and if the service is for an existing or new customer.


Our product development process is extremely customer driven. Through dialog and exchange with our customers, we enhance the development of existing products and innovate through the introduction of new and customized solutions.

Albatross Scandinavia AB