One of the first services to be deregulated in a market is the carrier prefix and pre-selection service (within the fixed network). There is where the need for a Calling Party screening service arises.

Albatross Access Screening is an enhanced screening service which:

  • Enables network operators to connect service providers to their network.
  • Increases efficient use of operator's network resources.
  • Gives network operators and service providers the admin tools they need.

Each service provider has a dedicated database on our iNode system, meaning that an end user can be connected to several service providers within the same network.

White List

All permitted numbers are listed in a White List. Each service provider has a White List and numbers can be defined in ranges or excluded.

Black List

Non-paying or blocked customers can be put on a Black List. Certain destinations can also be limited for subscribers: e.g. premium rate or international calls.

Each prefix can have several Black and White Lists, meaning the operator can host switchless operators with unique prefixes.

Web Interface / CRM

Access Screening can be updated through a Web interface or an interface can be supplied for direct integration with an existing CRM.

Access Screening + Call Barring

Several of our customers have combined Access Screening with our Call Barring service. This has provided them with the ability to address a mass market through several switchless service providers, and access large telephony volumes with a limited sales force. In addition, it has brought better interconnection deals with other network operators


This service is available to demo for prospective customers. Please contact a member of our sales team.