Advanced Routing

Albatross Advanced Routing Service is an advanced number translation service.

Services such as Freephone, Premium Rate and Universal Access Number can be created and operators can offer a customised package of advanced number translation services to business customers who have high volumes of incoming calls.

The service routes incoming calls to different locations in an optimal way. This minimises queuing time and limits the need for extra staff to handle high in coming call volumes.

Albatross Advanced Routing is delivered with VCCWeb, a user-friendly Web interface for creating and modifying the service. AR is based on our iNode routing system which supports several types of networks including TDM, VoIP and IMS.

We offer several delivery options including customer placed (remote management) or fully hosted managed service.

Routing Features 

For each service number, a range of routing features can be defined alone or in combination:

  • Number translation
  • Date
  • Day of Week
  • Percentage distribution
  • CLI (origin number)
  • Announcements
  • Periodical distribution
  • Sequential distribution
  • Location (cellular, if supported)
  • IVR with DTMF interaction
  • Call forwarding on busy
  • Speech recognition
  • Call forwarding on no reply
  • Call forwarding on congestion

Albatross can tailor routing features to specific customer demands.

Service Provisioning Interface: VCCWeb

VCC Web is a web interface with a drag-and-drop design. The operator's customer service employees can easily create, activate and modify a routing service directly in the network. The modifications are sent to the Advanced Routing engine server and activated on our iNode routing system. This can be carried out immediately or at a scheduled time. 

All our services are easily customised and the Advanced Routing service can be adapted to enable automatic provisioning for managing customer activation from a standard CRM. Data can be sent from the CRM to the Advanced Routing service and new database records can be added, modified or deleted.

VCCWeb Demo

VCCWeb is available to demo for prospective customers. Please contact either your existing Albatross sales representative or a member of our sales team.

End User Interface   

The end user can administer the Advanced Routing service through a Web browser. They can view statistics or change the call routing (for example modify office opening hours or close one office and reroute traffic to another). 

Another function of Advanced Routing which can be of immense value to the business customer is the ability to change the destination number. In event of the failure of a call centre connection, calls can simply be redirected to another destination number.

All changes are activated directly in the network, making it a real-time solution. Login view and access rights are can be predefined within the system.


Statistics can be viewed and reset using our Statistics Web Tool. With this user friendly interface, Advanced Routing business customers can access statistics on their own service numbers and destinations.

Statistical data can be provided for:

  • Number of call attempts
  • Number of calls to destinations
  • Number of calls sorted by origin
  • Number of calls to announcements
  • No answer
  • Busy
  • Congestion
  • Errors