Completel (France)

Products: Mobile Number Portability (MNP), Emergency Call Routing, Mobile Group.


Completel has been operating in France since 2002 with extensive fibre access and DSL networks. It is now the largest French cable operator. 


Completel needed a cost effective solution for the routing of ported mobile traffic. With the introduction of the national CRDB (EGP) and tightened regulations on French mobile number portability, default onward routing was leading to inefficient routing, high costs and incorrect billing of customers.  


Completel chose our managed MNP Routing solution based on our iNode system which acts as a SIP redirect server. Our application provides routing information for all mobile traffic, both ported and non-ported numbers.


Completel added our Emergency Call Routing (ECR) service, which manages emergency calls from fixed networks / mobile phones.  The iNodes are located at redundant sites on Completel’s Paris premises and we manage them remotely.

Completel also run our Mobile Group application for their business customers who are large commercial chains. They need a service which enables groups in the chain to make free calls from fixed to mobile phones. Mobile Group is integrated with the existing MNP Routing application so that calls can be NP checked with the same INVITE request.