Cost Reduction

We help network operators to control costs and remain competitive in several ways.

IN Replace

Over time many operators have bought IN and service platforms from different vendors, resulting in substantial support fees and costs for hardware & software upgrades. There is also the question of finding resources to maintain the skill levels required to manage the platforms.

Our IN Replace concept addresses this by "swapping out" old IN platforms with our iNode system. An IN Replace simplifies the network without loss of present, or limitation of future functionality. In financial terms it can bring a speedy return on investement.

Managed Services

It can be a real challenge for operators to retain quality in network and service maintenance, whilst keeping up with demands on service and platform development. This ultimately leads to missed opportunities and reduced revenues.

We have been unique in offering Managed Services for our applications since 2004. Managing services for different networks not only brings the advantage of economies of scale, but has also enabled us to build up an unparalleled skill and knowledge base which our customers can benefit from.

We can focus on managing the services, whilst our customers focus on their core business. 


We offer several ways to reduce termination costs. The most straightforward is the introduction of an All Call Query (ACQ) based NP Routing service application, which reduces costs for calls to ported numbers.

In addition, our Global NP services manage ported number information sourced from national NP databases (CRDBs). We can deliver a Global NP Routing product (including the ACQ application) or regular data transfers with our Global NP Data service. International call termination can be further optimised with our International Carrier Routing service.

Internal Cost Policy

We continually focus on minimising internal costs.

Some examples:

  • Systems and applications are developed in-house which means no external software licenses required for 3rd party software components. In addition both our iNode and mediaNode systems are designed to run extremely economically.
  • Our technical staff are highly skilled. Each member of our OMC and Support team can handle practically any support issue. This means high staff satisfaction and low staff turnover.
  • We pay particular attention to minimising internal overhead costs for staff, travelling, accommodation etc.