Emergency Call Routing

Most countries have a single number (such as 112 in Sweden) for emergency calls to the police, fire brigade and ambulance services.

It is not only compulsory in many countries for operators to handle emergency calls from all types of users, including fixed networks & mobile phones, but for the emergency services to be fast and effective, different dedicated alarm centres are required to serve specific areas.


Albatross Emergency Call Routing (ECR) service application identifies the origin of emergency calls and handles the routing to the appropriate alarm centre. The operator can either send the correct routing number and information to the next carrier or route the call directly to the appropriate alarm centre.

Our ECR application can examine the CLI, area code or post code to determine the nearest alarm centre. Alternatively an interface for input of this data (via an existing CRM system) can be provided.

Adaptability is our expertise, and customer specific modifications can be made to comply with market specific and national regulatory requirements.