ENUM Routing

Albatross provide flexible ENUM solutions that can be adapted to each customer's specific needs.

Our solutions cover all ENUM variants and include an ENUM Server and Provisioning Interface.

ENUM (E.164 Number Mapping)

A structured way to transform traditional E.164 telephone numbers into domain names. ENUM enables the use of standard DNS (Domain Name Service) to discover ervices associated with a number, or simply find the network location of an end user to complete a call.

ENUM can be divided into three sub-groups:

Public ENUM: The original ENUM, based on the principle that the end users specify IP-enabled devices on which they can be reached.

Infrastructure/Carrier/Operator ENUM: Several operators exchange end-user data to improve interconnection and peering between their networks.

Private/Internal ENUM: A means for one operator to manage the location of its end users within their own network. In effect a Local Number Portability (LNP) application.