Our product package Fraud Control aims at helping operators improve their margins by reducing the cost of fraud. The solution is flexible and cost effective and can be combined with other Albatross application such as Number Portability Routing for optimal cost control.

Albatross Fraud Control minimises suspected fraudulent calls being connected by black listing the calling party, the called party or a combination of both addresses. Fraudulent calls can also be identified by screening calls based on the day of week and time or if an unusual amount of specific calls have been placed over a certain time frame.

The application can also log barred calls and send the log files at regular intervals to the network operator.

By using Albatross Fraud Control application:

  • Fraudulent calls can be minimised
  • The operator saves time, effort and money and is able to offer its customers a safer environment
  • Albatross fully managed concept offers a cost effective and flexible service