Global NP Data

Number Portability can lead to big problems for carriers and operators in terms of billing and accounting. In real terms it can lead to large-scale revenue loss within the home market and across international borders.

While each carrier's business case varies in focus, all face the same issues with NP:

  • High transit costs from inaccurate routing
  • Weak traffic control from lack of ported number information
  • Increased risks and reduced competitiveness from wrong billing
  • No resources to deal with complex NP regulations

Albatross Global Number Portability Data service is THE complete one-stop solution for carrier's and operator's NP problems. It's the smart way for carriers to stay in control of traffic, save costs, and route calls to ensure correct billing and accounting. 

We have existing connections to a number of CRDB's in Europe and North/South America and our list of global territories is expanding to AfricaAsia & the Middle East. Activation times vary depending upon country regulations and current state of connection (from immediately, 3-6 weeks to 8-12 weeks). 

We constantly monitor the global NP landscape to keep our customers up to date with new countries and changing regulatory requirements.

Albatross GNPD = In Control

Having correct information on ported numbers means being in control of traffic.

Albatross GNPD = Smarter Routing

Big improvements can be made in routing efficiency. Direct interconnections can be used to avoid large transit fees.

Albatross GNPD = Accurate Billing

Minimise risks and improve competitiveness. 

Albatross GNPD = No Red Tape

We manage the CRDB contacts / legal requirements / licenses / agreements, on behalf of the customer, for each country.

Albatross GNPD = Flexibility

We support all numbering plans and NP systems including fixed, mobile and SMS.

Please contact a member of our sales team for information on countries available.