The iNode system is at the core of our routing solutions. It was designed in 2004 for IN and SIP routing services with short response times and high service availability in mind.


iNode characteristics

  • Response time 20 ms (INAP) and 2ms (SIP).
  • Albatross developed source code.
  • Supported protocols: INAP, MAP, CAP (CAMEL), IS-41, SIP, SIGTRAN,  HSL.
  • Service specific administrative servers update databases in all iNode units.
  • Each iNode unit has a database capacity of 100.000.000 numbers or ranges.
  • 99.999% availability on a redundant pair with iNodes on separate sites.
  • Capacity per iNode unit: 400 CAPS (calls attempts per second).
  • 8 INAP signalling links per iNode unit.
  • 1 HSL per iNode unit.
  • Telnet/MML provisioning capacity: 50 messages per second.
  • Supports up to 32-digit numbering plans.


Each iNode has a modular design, making it easy to expand capacity without affecting the existing system.

All our solutions are fully redundant with the applications installed on two iNode systems (containing one or more iNode units). Each member of the redundant pair has the capacity to handle the entire traffic in the event of one system breaking down. In addition, each service node is built entirely stand-alone, with no single point of failure.

For more information about the iNode and related services, please contact sales@albatross.com