Albatross International Carrier Routing service helps carriers to optimise margins on international & wholesale traffic. 

International Carrier Routing is an efficient and cost effective solution to reduce interconnection costs, improve call quality and free up personnel. Making call by call decisions in real time, ICR enables selection of the carrier with the best price / quality and has immediate effect over the entire network.


  • Least cost routing.
  • INPManager: a web based GUI enabling central management of rate tables, routing policies and more.
  • Call simulation.
  • Audits and alerts.
  • A range of management reports giving full visibility of the network.

Add-on features:

  • Quality Module assessing call quality.
  • Wholesale Module with routing decisions based on e.g. credit limits and commitment.
  • Number Portability Module with Global NP information feed.


For Carriers:

  • Reduces international traffic costs and improves quality.
  • Repetitive tasks are automated to free up resources and minimise errors.
  • Changes in modules affect the entire network and are immediate.
  • Minimal switch analysis is needed.
  • Enables custom made customer SLAs.

For End Users:

  • Desired service and quality, fewer dropped calls, congestion tones and silent connections.