Albatross IVR service runs on our mediaNode, which is a high capacity SIP & RTP based system. The mediaNode functions standalone or in a combined solution together with intelligent routing applications on our iNode. Tomboning can be avoided, when working together with the iNode.

IVR features available include:

Connection to C-number
An incoming call is directed to a C-number based on DTMF input from the caller.  

Ordinary announcements, for use on their own or in combination with any other features. These can be recorded from any telephone line, through TTS (Text-To-Speech) or through our professional services. A Web interface is provided for managing and organising the different announcements and TTS files.

Incoming calls can be queued until there are resources available to deal with them.

The option of Callback is possible if there are no resources available to deal with a call.

Text-To-Speech (TTS)
A text file can be translated into speech. This enables files that have been entered using a Web interface or SMS to be given to callers as voice messages. This feature is currently only available in English.

Enables the retrieval of messages when there is no-one available to answer incoming calls. A message can be left either by calling into the IVR or by leaving a sound file via a Web interface.

SMS and Email
The IVR service can send messages it receives as sound files to a chosen email address. It can also send SMS or email notifications when a message has been received, including the time it was received and the CLI.

Database Connection
The IVR service can interact with an external database such as a booking system, CRM or banking system. The end users can receive information from the database as well as update it by interacting with the IVR.

Call Routing Features
The IVR may set up a new call connection and direct incoming calls to different destinations: such as another phone number, a call centre or an announcement, depending on the time, week day or date. It is also possible to connect the call to varied destinations depending on the CLI received or according to a percentage distribution.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
This feature recognises spoken words and can be used instead of DTMF for interactive menu choices.