Managed Services

Albatross Managed Services entail full remote management by our experts of the Operation & Maintenance of a customer’s servers and applications. Not only general maintenance work, but the entire configuration, supervision, back-up, alarms, and upgrades.

Being a Managed Service customer means daily O&M, training, documentation or expertise are not required for our service equipment. We focus on providing Managed Services, leaving our customers free to focus on their core business.

In addition, customers have the option of placing our iNode system on their site or we can host the equipment at our redundant and secure server sites in Gothenburg, Sweden. In each situation we provide Turnkey Delivery and 24/7 Operation & Maintenance.


Our customers base their decisions upon their unique business situations, and our Managed Services bring many advantages which should be taken into consideration during the decision making process:


  • Low CAPEX. No need to invest in expensive systems.
  • Full support is included. No additional support costs.
  • No need to maintain a technology knowledge base, hire additional expertise or O&M personnel.


  • Extremely secure and reliable services. Our systems are managed by highly skilled technical staff who designed and built them.
  • No need to spend time on fault tracing and support calls. Our technical team are experts who are able to swiftly detect and resolve any problems long before they appear in the network and the customer becomes aware.