We developed the mediaNode system in 2008, for services requiring media connection, with high service availability in mind.

mediaNode is SIP based and supports media over RTP to provide the following applications:

mediaNode characteristics

  • Up to 1000 Calls Per Second.
  • Fully redundant, containing a pair of working nodes.
  • Capacity per mediaNode unit: up to 1000 voice channels (over 100 Mbps).
  • Scales well because of distributed architecture.
  • Albatross developed source code.
  • Supported protocols: SIP, RTP, HTTP, SMTP.
  • Supported standards: Open SER, SCXML/CCXML, VXML, FREESWITCH.
  • 99,999% availability on a redundant pair with mediaNodes on separate sites.
  • Developed 2008: 100% up-time since.

For more information about the mediaNode and related services, please contact sales@albatross.com