Your Mobile = Your Office!

All perceptive business owners know that availability is crucial, and Albatross Mobile Agent offers dynamic incoming call handling for SMEs. A simple and flexible product for MNOs and MVNOs, Albatross Mobile Agent removes the need for operators to invest in complex and costly call handling systems and demonstrates a quick return on investment.

Users can configure their own ring schemes; receive calls in accordance with a pre-defined distribution list or to several phones in parallel.

  • Avoid missed calls with no switchboard, operator or PBX required.
  • Improved loyalty / reduced churn.
  • For existing mobile phone subscriptions or pre-packaged offers.
  • Parallel, Serial or Distributed Ringing and more advanced routing options.
  • WS/SOAP based API for provisioning.

Mobile Agent: Network Solution

Add-On Features

  • Selected ringing ("press 1 for sales.. ").
  • Time based ringing (call connection depending on time/day/date).
  • Voicemail.
  • Internal call detection.
  • Calls made within a Mobile Agent group or within the company are earmarked and can be billed separately.

End User Management Alternatives

  • Web user interface.
  • API for handset client/app.

Statistical info via a Web user interface is available for the operator and end users.