Mobile State

A Mobile Presence Solution

Albatross Mobile State enables an operator's business customers to view the state of mobile users through their switchboard applications or unified communications solutions, e.g. Trio, Netwise or Microsoft OCS.

Our extensive signalling expertise enables mobile operators and MVNOs to offer their business customers an advanced presence solution, based on the actual and real-time state of mobiles.

A presence service is often required to consist of a network and database element, and our Mobile State application provides the network element.

  • Network element: handles communication with the mobile network via MAP and CAP protocols, and collects information on the state of the mobile phones.
  • Database element: stores information on the customers and their current status. Also interfaced with various client systems and pushes updated status information to them.

Network Configuration

Mobile State is based upon our iNode system, which is at the core of our routing solutions. The iNode is connected to the mobile operator’s MSC, and supports signalling interfaces ETSI MAP, CAP (CAMEL), ANSI MAP and IS-41.

The iNode receives MAP Mobility Management event reports from the MSC/VLR when the state of a mobile changes and CAP messages for mobile originating and terminating calls. The information is checked and then passed onto the database element.


To provide an optimal routing service, Mobile State can be combined with additional applications from our product range such as MNP Routing, TwinSIM, VPN.