Albatross My Calls gives Fixed, Mobile Operators and Service Providers the opportunity to offer a customised package of service features to both their business customers in the SME sector and private subscribers.


Albatross My Calls is primarily designed to handle incoming calls. The standard service package features are:

  • Call forwarding: users can take control of their incoming traffic and avoid missing important calls. Rerouting can be made to an alternative phone number or Voicemail and primary and secondary numbers can be defined.
  • Call screening:  filter out "cold" or unwanted calls through the use of self-defined "black lists" or national barring databases.

Queries are sent from the operator’s switch to Albatross iNode. Depending on the network setup, the iNode can act as an IN Service Control Point (SCP), a SIP Redirect Server or an IMS Application Server.


Optional features which can be combined in any configuration with the standard package to meet customer requirements:

  • Parallel Ringing: receive calls on multiple phones (fixed and mobile) simultaneously and answer on the most convenient.
  • Personal Number: a personalised "golden number" can be translated into a home or office number.
  • Call Barring: Individual barring lists can be defined for outgoing calls.
  • VIP Calls: allow calls from family or friends whilst blocking all other calls through use of "white" and "black" lists.
  • Time & Day: user can choose where to receive calls depending on time of day.
  • Shared Calls: Call can be distributed to different telephones, based on defined percentage distribution.
  • IVR with DTMF Interaction: end users can receive prompts and interact via DTMF.


Albatross My Calls package includes:

  • VCCWeb: Albatross developed drag-and-drop Web interface, which allows the operator to design and change each customer’s My Calls package.
  • Web based statistical tool.
  • An End User API which allows each user within the system to change their own parameter settings via the operator’s web portal.

For further information on this unique service package, please contact our sales team.