iNode Network Integration

Both fixed and mobile networks based on TDM and VoIP technology are supported. The customer’s interconnection points can be various types of switches or servers including softswitch, MSC, SSP, CSCF (IMS) or proxy server. For the sake of simplicity, these points are uniformly referred to below as switch/server.

Full Redundancy

Our solutions are always fully redundant, and the customer’s switch(es)/server(s) should be connected to our iNodes using two separate interfaces and transmission paths.


We support a wide range of SS7 based signalling protocols, plus SIP and SIP-T and can adapt to supplier/operator specific versions. We are currently connected to switches/servers from vendors including Ericsson, Nokia, Nortel, Siemens, Lucent, ZTE, Huawei, Italtel.

Implementation Project

During the implementation project, we develop the Service Call and Signaling Message flows. Based upon the interface specification, we perform the necessary adaptations to the switch/server.

The customer is required to carry out the following implementation engineering work:

  • Creation of trigger data/analysis in switch/server.
  • Configuration of routing and number translation in switch/server.
  • Testing of routing, service and billing output.

We provide close support, with the customer benefiting from our extensive experience of project implementation.

For Managed Solutions, we supervise all signalling connections with a monitoring system for statistics and error handling. Historical call traces can be carried out if required.

SS7/SIP Connections

For SS7 Connections:
The customer's switch should be equipped with two signalling links connected to our iNode with two separated E1 interfaces for redundancy. The relevant functionality must be available in the customer’s switch, i.e. Service Switching Functionality (SSF) or equivalent.

Standard INAP requirements for an SSP node are: ETSI Core INAP CS-1, routing on SSN and trigger data with DP3. However, adaptation to practically any other version is possible.

For SIP Connections:
For SIP redirect traffic, each iNode has an Ethernet port (RJ-45) which should be connected to the customer’s SIP softswitch or a similar network element. The SIP connection can have a public or private IP address, since it will not be visible over the Internet.

Turnkey Delivery

We provide Turnkey Delivery and ensure the hardware and services are fully in order and Ready For Service. This is regardless of the solution or whether the hardware is hosted by Albatross or installed at the customer’s premises.