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Dec. 2012: Enghouse Systems Acquires Albatross

In December 2012 Albatross was acquired by Enghouse Systems Limited, a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions. Albatross is now a wholly owned subsidary of Enghouse Networks who develop and market network software and visual computing solutions for a broad range of utilities including Telecommunications Service Providers.

Click to download the full Enghouse Systems press release in PDF format.

Nov 2012: L'union Fait La Force

Completel are a major French telecoms operator and a valued Albatross customer since 2009. As their network requirements are constantly evolving our short delivery times and flexibility are the key to our relationship. It has been a fruitful four years together and we look forward to many more to come.

Nov 2012: Knock Fraud On The Head

To ensure your revenue stream is not being siphoned off by fraudsters, we have developed Albatross Fraud Control. Operators can minimise Premium Rate service fraud, ping calls or corporate PBX abuse with this effective toolbox of call routing features.

April 2012: Infracom Choose Albatross

Albatross are proud to announce that Infracom are now our sixth customer in the Italian market. Infracom needed a rapid solution for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and chose our managed Mobile Carrier Routing (MCR) service, which is based on our iNode system. The solution is fully managed from our secure server sites in Gothenburg.

April 2012: Your Interconnection Partner

The mobile industry lost more than $58bn in 2011, due to inadequate operator billing systems. We have recently initiated a project to team up our iNode routing system with a partner’s interconnect platform to provide an optimized routing solution. Similarly, the iNode could be integrated with other systems that need to push routing or barring commands to the network in real-time.

April 2012: Closing The Distance

Albatross run quality operations and support whatever the distance. We've just celebrated our 4th year of providing Managed Services for MCM Telecom, Mexico. "I don’t typically refer vendors, but Albatross delivered what they promised in a Number Portability solution, on time, on budget, with no technical glitches. They saved our company in Mexico a large amount of CAPEX at a time when we needed to invest in another infrastructure.” - Mark Hilton, CTO, MCM Telecom (Mexico)

Oct 2011: Your Mobile = Your Office!

Albatross Mobile Agent is a simple and flexible product for MNOs and MVNOs, which removes the need to invest in complex costly call handling systems and can quickly return a profit. Users can configure their own ring schemes; receive calls in accordance with a pre-defined distribution list or to several phones in parallel.

Oct 2011: They Keep Coming Back! 

Belgacom ICS first contracted us in 2009 to deliver Global NP Data and have increased business with us on an annual basis. In Q3 2011, BICS requested a further two global territories from our extensive and ever expanding pool of NP Data sources.

Oct 2011: Make The Bright Choice! 

In the rapidly changing telecoms market making the right investment decision involves great risk. Albatross relieve the stress by offering prospective customers a fully managed trial period for our standard products. We can also offer access to our test system and have a range of product demos. Test us!

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