Number Portability Routing Applications

Each NP variation can be combined to create THE optimal routing solution.

Fixed Number Portability (NP)
Also known as FNP, LNP or simply NP. Ensures all calls to ported fixed numbers are routed correctly.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
Also known as MNP or WNP. Ensures all calls to ported mobile numbers are routed correctly.

A-Number Mobile Number Portability (A-MNP)
Usually applied when a mobile phone user calls a premium rate number. Ensures the correct price information message is played, and correct call billing applied.

Number Portability for SMS (NP-SMS)
Ensures all SMS messages to ported numbers are routed the correct way.

Non-Geographic Number Portability (SNP)
Ensures all calls to ported non-geographic or service numbers (e.g. premium rate or freephone numbers) are routed correctly.

Local Number Portability (LNP)
Ensures all calls to numbers that are ported (to and from) the operator’s own network are routed correctly.

National Carrier Routing (NCR)
NP is often combined with an E.164 National Numbering Plan lookup, to provide a complete service for all domestic calls, whether ported or not. If the number is not ported, the routing information returned will reflect the national numbering plan. We call this service National Carrier Routing (NCR).

Global Number Portability (GNP) Routing
NP Routing information can be based on NP data from our ever expanding global list of CRDB's.

All NP applications are based on our in-house developed iNode system which supports several types of networks including TDM, VoIP and IMS. We offer several delivery options including customer placed or a fully Managed Service.