Number Portability

Our NP Routing applications are based on the All Call Query (ACQ) method of call routing. This ensures that calls to ported numbers are provided with the correct routing information and greatly reduces reduce traffic delivery / terminating costs for national and international calls.

Our NP product portfolio contains a range of Number Portability services for effective real-time routing of ported numbers, as well as administrative services.

Our in house developed iNode system is at the core of our routing solutions, and supports several types of networks including TDM, VoIP and IMS. The iNode is connected to central reference databases (CRDB) worldwide and updated according to country preferences.

In addition to our NP Routing applications, Albatross Global NP Data service helps operators to reduce interconnection fees and improve billing information. Porting Administration Service (PAS) complements this process by handling the administrative porting procedure.

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