Operation & Maintenance

We take pride in our Operation & Maintenance Centre (OMC) and set the highest possible standards. We have developed and maintain procedures which ensure 100% service availability, and this is our NUMBER ONE priority.

Fully managed Operation and Maintenance includes the following:

  • Backup routines.
  • Operation and Maintenance procedures.
  • Load measurement on both system nodes and signalling links.
  • Spare part handling.
  • Upgrades both in traffic nodes and administration systems.
  • Release handling.
  • Handling updates and changes in CRDB interface.
  • Alarm handling.
  • Network configuration changes.
  • Network Management System.
  • SIP and INAP performance analyser.
  • Operations engineers available 24x365.
  • Call out routines.
  • Escalation routines.
  • Trouble Report handling with reporting to customer.