Porting Administration Service

Albatross Portability Administration Service (PAS) manages porting request procedures between the recipient operator, national central reference database (CRDB) and donor operator.

The customer can choose to integrate PAS with an existing CRM (PAS-CRM) or manage it through a Web interface (PASWeb), but for medium or large porting volumes we recommend a CRM interface.


The CRM is one of the operator’s most important systems. Frequently these systems are large and complex. Making changes to them is often difficult to do in a simple and robust manner. To address this problem, we have developed our Porting Administration Service (PAS) with three different interfaces. Each interface targets a different system user and through a simple implementation makes it possible to get the system up and running:

  • Batch interface:  An XML file or a plain text file is stored on an FTP or hard disk. The system fetches the file and processes the customer data. After a successful or unsuccessful update, the result is sent to the CRM system.
  • Direct interface: Via Web services (SOAP/XML) it is possible for the CRM system to add, delete, change customer data and to retrieve porting information.
  • Web interface: The Web interface is a tool for back office personnel to perform number porting. Changes are sent back to the CRM system to keep the databases updated.


PAS Web interface is built with a simple structure allowing users to quickly gain an overview of porting status.

  • The user can manage orders with just a few clicks and follow message coherence and flow. This minimises the risk of human error.
  • Back office personnel can change customer data, which is fed to the CRM system to keep it updated. Users can see the status of current data and view logs of failed and successful changes.


Albatross Porting Administration Service (PAS), along with several other service applications, is available to demo for prospective customers. If you wish to demo this product, please contact your existing Albatross sales representative or a member of our sales team. The service demos are accessed through our customer portal with a login and password.