Number Portability
Use direct interconnections to avoid transit fees. We support all numbering plans and NP systems including Fixed NP, Mobile NP and SMS NP. If NP Routing is not required, Global NP Data leads to big improvements in routing efficiency.

Call Control
Increase revenue with our Advanced Routing service to provide freephone and premium rate. Call Barring enables individual barring profiles and mediaNode adds media based resources such as IVR, Voicemail, Teleconferencing and Televoting to services.

Mobile Integration
Enable mobile and integrated mobile/fixed solutions for offices. This group of services includes: Mobile Agent, Mobile Group, Mobile Extension, TwinSIM, VPN and Mobile State.

Carrier Solutions
Operators can run their business with ease and efficiency, making the best use of their network resources and controlling costs with our Emergency Call Routing, Access Screening, Fraud Control and International Carrier Routing applications.

We offer several delivery options including customer placed, purchased and fully Managed Services.

All Albatross applications are based on our in-house developed iNode & mediaNode systems, which support TDM, VoIP and IMS networks.