Redirect or Proxy Server

The iNode can be configured both as a Redirect Server and a Proxy Server. For most services, a Redirect Server is sufficient and the preferable choice, as it is more efficient for lookup transactions. However, sometimes the more complex Proxy Server solution is required.

A Proxy Server could be the preferred choice of a VoIP service provider for architectural or interoperability reasons. All services can be produced on a Proxy Server and it is required when forking, as in the case of our TwinSIM application.

Redirect Server

When using SIP for signalling, the customer's proxy server forwards the SIP Invite message from the client (end user) to our iNode redirect server. Albatross iNode performs a number check in the database and sends back a SIP redirection response message 302 (Moved Temporarily) to the proxy server. The proxy server must be able to handle the contact information in the 302 message and create a new invite message.



Proxy Server

Albatross iNode Proxy Server is placed in the middle of the customer's signalling flow. A great advantage in the case of a proxy is that the customer's network does not need to handle the redirect signals.