Service Availability

Our sites in Gothenburg have the highest possible availability. There is no single point of failure: all elements are redundant and the breakdown of a single service component does not affect service availability.

Redundant Telecom Sites

Our purpose built, telco-grade sites in Gothenburg are located several kilometres apart. This ensures that local fires or flooding do not affect both sites. To minimise the risk of burglary and vandalism we have physical protection and passage control systems in place at both sites. 

There is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a diesel generator backup on both sites to handle long duration power failures. The climate is supervised to ensure stable operating temperature and humidity, plus maximise equipment lifetime.

Inter-site communication facilitates database updates to all our systems. The solution consists of a private Ethernet connection over fibre with a secondary channel via IPSec encrypted VPN over public Internet as a failover.

Redundant Systems and Database Replication

All our systems consist of two exact copies of the hardware, software, configuration (signalling link settings an exception) and databases. They are located at separate sites and function as two standalone systems. Database replication is carried out from our provisioning system (PS), which is designed to replicate data over multiple systems. If one node breaks down, the replication mechanism handles a queue for the failing node and updates are sent as soon as it is restored.

iNode Access

The customer is responsible for the IN transmission links to our systems. To ensure full redundancy, the transmission paths must be carefully examined when ordered, in order to reduce the risk of simultaneous interruption on both links. We have interconnection to a number of transmission vendors at both sites.

Data Backup

To ensure data integrity, our backup solution consists of a magnetic tape drive and robotic handling of tapes. Each iNode and our entire platform is backed up on a nightly basis. System backups, such as software installed and configuration data are backed up weekly. The backup tapes are placed in fireproof storage.