Albatross Services

Choosing Albatross and our intelligent routing applications not only gives you access to some of the best products in the field but also technical expertise of the highest calibre.

When customers are asked to describe us, the phrases that emerge are expertise, superior quality and rapid implementation. Each member of our technical staff has decades of experience within service development, system / service maintenance and contribute to our 24/7 system/service support program. Our software developers also take part in implementation projects and maintenance work. Close collaboration across the company enables wide ranging and in-depth competence to be built up on each customer and service.

Technical excellence combined with experience of Managed Services gives us a unique edge. We can maintain the highest possible level of service quality and operational safety at the most cost effective price. Since Albatross was launched in 2001, we can proudly state that we have not lost a single customer due to bad service quality.