SIP Mediation

Simplify Your SIP Connections

In the relatively immature VoIP world, interconnection / peering takes place largely on an ad-hoc basis, while SIP settings and parameters vary between different types of equipment and vendors. Each time a new SIP signalling relationship is set up; adjustments, adaptations and testing must take place.

Albatross SIP Mediation simplifies the procedure of setting up a new SIP connection, enabling SIP interoperability within the customer's own network (and towards other VoIP Service Providers). The equipment involved can be a Media Gateway, SIP Proxy, IP PBX or any other SIP signalling equipment.


Our Expertise

SIP Mediation needs vary from case to case, and our SIP experts configure the service towards the specific requirements of each customer and traffic case.

Our iNode system acts as a SIP proxy server, and we smooth the implementation process path, allowing a voice service provider to effortlessly introduce new equipment and peering partners without wasting valuable resources.

Value Propositions

  • Increase your business opportunities by connecting to more carriers and customers.
  • Do not allow network equipment limitations to stand in the way of interoperability.

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