Supervision (iNode Routing System)

We have implemented a distributed environment for traffic monitoring. Each iNode has built-in alarm handling which collects signalling information, service logic information and internal information such as CPU usage and hard disk use.

OSIX Performance Analyser

External supervision includes OSIX PA which examines performance measurements such as response time and response ratio. Periodic checks of billing data generate an alarm if a link is down or if service logic is incorrect.

OP5 Monitor System

At the core of the our supervision system is the OP5 Monitor system. Each iNode and provisioning server uses SNMP traps to report problems to the OP5 Monitor System. Failure messages are sent by email to pre-defined recipients or by SMS to our on duty technicians. A mobile phone is connected directly to the OP5 Monitor System to ensure that messages can be sent, and is not dependant on an external SMS provider's connection. In addition, other tools are used for dimensioning signalling links and system capacity.