TDC (Sweden)

Products: National Carrier Routing (NCR), Portability Administration System web interface (PASWeb), Advanced Routing (AR), IVR, VCCWeb, EUWeb, Bulk-AR, Call Barring, Voicemail, Mobile Group, Mobile Extension, Access Screening.


TDC is one of Scandinavia’s largest voice and internet operators. TDC is the PTT in Denmark and acquired the Swedish based operator Song in 2005. TDC is one of few operators who have their own network in each of the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) plus Finland.


In order to become an all-round telephony provider, TDC’s Swedish subsidiary needed an intelligent routing functionality for their customer's incoming traffic to Freephone (800-numbers) and other non-geographical numbers.


This is an example of our IN Replace concept. TDC were already running a Freephone service on an IN platform. We copied the old service, added several new features and replaced the existing solution with our iNode solution. Since signing their initial contract, TDC have added more than ten services in Sweden (as well as Denmark and Norway).




TDC can meet the needs of their customers without substantial capital expenditure.

Transportation companies, travel agencies, as well as sales and support organisations can optimally route their incoming traffic. Queuing time is reduced, which lowers incoming call handling personnel costs. In addition, fewer voice channels to the customer’s PBXs are required. Our Advanced Routing service ensures that all calls are sent directly to the available person without PBX call forwarding.

Our services give TDC a competitive edge by increasing availability and lowering costs for their customers.