Albatross Teleconferencing service runs on our mediaNode system. It is fully scalable and is delivered with redundant servers for carrier class reliability. The service includes the following features:

User Status Changes – A user can change his status mode:

  • Enter – Someone entered the conference.
  • Leave – Someone left the conference.
  • Mute – Someone muted/unmuted the conference

Caller Controls – To modify the state of the conference:

  • Enter – Enter the conference.
  • Hangup – Leave the conference.
  • Mute – Turn on/off sound in the conference.
  • Silence mute – performs both a mute and a silence function in one action.
  • Lock – Lock the conference (no new attendees).
  • Unlock – Unlock the conference.

PIN Code – A PIN code to enter the conference is set by the chairman.

Chairman Set-up – Can be exclusively tailored to the needs of the service provider. There are a number of different ways to design this interface.

Sounds – A sound is played to all conference members or to the relevant user:

  • Success
  • Failure
  • Muted sound
  • Unmuted sound
  • User alone in conference
  • Someone joins the conference
  • Someone leaves the conference
  • Conference is locked
  • Enter PIN
  • Invalid PIN