VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Albatross VPN Routing gives businesses the advantage of a private network without the cost of leased lines. It is an ideal solution for an international company who need to reduce costs on internal calls due to a large volume of phone traffic between offices.

Albatross VPN can be used for fixed, mobile networks or a combination of both. For example: for business customers with PABX using mobile phones as extensions.

Albatross VPN supports a wide range of standard features which can be intercombined depending on specific customer requirements. Flexibility and adaptability are our tradmarks.

  • Private Numbering Plans
  • Abbreviated Destinations
  • Call Reduction Costing Between Offices
  • VPN Member Types
  • On-Net/Off-Net Price
  • Forced On-Net
  • A-Number Display of Company Fixed Number

Optional Add-On Service Features include:

  • Origin Dependent Call Barring
  • Announcements   
  • Advanced Call Barring
  • Incoming Call Redirection


Operator Benefits

  • More cost effective solution than providing leased lines.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • Easily managed and maintained.

Business Customer Benefits

  • No need for leased lines.
  • Lower costs for internal calls.
  • Easy to control private numbering plan via Web interface (add-on service feature).

Albatross VPN Routing service is based on our fully redundant iNode system which supports several types of networks including TDM, VoIP and IMS. The iNode was designed by in 2004 specifically with very short response times and extremely high service availability in mind.