Empowering MVNOs of Any Size

Charge and manage your customers with our end-to-end BSS that provides full flexibility and convergence.

One Consolidated Solution

CDRator effectively consolidates rating, charging and billing of mobile services together with 360° customer life-cycle management into a complete, end-to-end MVNO Revenue Management solution.

Rator is a multi-layered solution of fully integrated modules that combines out-of-the-box functionality with easy-to-use configurability that will scale with your future business demands.

We’ve combined the back-end technological expertise with the front-end customer-centric experience. Our multi-tenant solution includes the inherent flexibility required for you to launch your brand, grow your business and manage your customer base. 

Launch your Brand in 3-5 months

We have one of the fastest time-to-launch rates in the business, and an unprecedented track record of success.

Average project time spent from start to commercial launch of a brand is only 3 months, regardless of whether it is mobile, internet, broadband, TriplePlay, WiMAX, VoIP or similar.

We use the standardized, feature-rich Rator billing and customer care platform to launch any service provider, MNO, MVNE or MVNO at an unprecedented speed.

A CDRator solution means fast implementation with a minimum of risk – a different way of doing business.

Our pay-as-you-grow license means no large up-front investment, but a monthly fee per active subscriber. An innovative and affordable answer to you billing and CRM needs.

Our dedicated team of professionals creates solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs—now and in the future.

Our team helps you design and create your solution, deploys it and helps you every step of the way to launch. Attentive and responsive we deliver the quality we promise in the time frame you expect.

We monitor and maintain the availability and reliability of your platform, support you 24/7/365 and support new platform upgrades.

Since 2002 we’ve been one of the fastest-growing companies in the billing industry, creating one success story after another for 50 global partners. Our uniquely affordable, end-to end solutions automate billing and customer care to help our customers increase profits and their subscribers’ satisfaction.

What Our Customers Say

We have been so pleased with the whole project. CDRator has delivered the quality-solution we asked for on time. There was a real sense of collaboration during project development and implementation that made the whole experience a very positive one.

CDRator quickly proved to us that they were professionals. They placed us first and used a team of experts to ensure smooth project and product development, including the migration of our existing customers. The migration was performed quickly, professionally and without incident. With CDRator—we’re in heaven.

Erik-Jan Dekker, CEO, Dekatel Telecom