About Us

As an Enghouse Networks company, CTI Group is a global provider of innovative carrier-grade software solutions and services which empower organizations to gain strategic competitive advantage from their unified communications data. The harnessing, analysing and exploitation of this data is a proactive way to better segment and thus improve how customers interact with your business.

CTI – stands for ‘Customer Transactional Information’ – and with the growth of ‘implicit’ call flow data now being gathered in digital format – today’s businesses are looking for high performance, scalable enterprise analytics platforms capable of delivering deep insight from this data. Our solutions are a clear leader in this field for any corporation tasked with managing this newly evolving asset.

Our business is built on understanding the value and complexities of communications data and helping organizations monitor measure and manage the data using market-leading, user-friendly and feature-rich applications.

Our rich plethora of knowledge and innovation is deeply integrated throughout all our solutions and services, delivering granular results through a more personalized customer experience. This is evident through our partnerships with global Communication Service Providers, re-sellers and enterprises around the world.

Our Vision

To help businesses drive profit and sustainable competitive advantage from their unified communications data, through a more interactive and personalized customer experience.

Our Credentials

  • Over 30 years experience of telecom data analytics
  • Over 10 Tier 1 Communication Service Provider Customers
  • Technology leader in online billing analytics
  • A market leader in hosted communication recording delivering the first multi-tenant hosted recording solution.
  • A market leader in telecom management for international financial markets

Our Partnerships

At CTI Group, some of our greatest customers’ stories will never be told, and that’s because we excel at being an OEM solution provider and we demonstrate this success through:

  • Our ability to identify and negotiate relationships that deliver mutual value
  • Our consistency in providing the technology architecture, tool sets and processes to enhance margins

Our partner and OEM programs succeed because they are mature, tested and proven, we provide the following to ensure efficient delivery, price competitiveness and margin protection:

  • Software API development and integration use cases and documentation
  • Complete branding flexibility for white label
  • Services, Professional Services, Customization support and toolset
  • Configurable Support (Tier 1 and 2) to meet any delivery requirement
  • Integrated solution delivery

CTI Group applications and solutions are utilized by some of the most well-known brands. We can’t tell you where, or how, or under what product or provider name, but we can tell you who they are.

For more information on CTI Group OEM programs, please contact info@ctigroup.com

eBilling & Analysis

Billing systems are a critical element of any business; the investment for these systems can often be the most substantial infrastructure cost to a company.

Integration of the Analysis tools to billing platforms increases customer retention through improved tool sets for the management of the customer’s telecommunications expenses with online access, on-demand and flexible reporting in manner that provides independence and builds trust between the biller and their customer.

Billing systems providers, ISVs, and the providers of managed billing services are those most often tasked with the delivery of these tools.

Our relationships with the leaders in the delivery of these solutions will continue to grow as we seek new OEM partnerships.

Call Accounting & Logging

Data from the various modules of the Proteus Product Suite is widely utilized in our customers related business systems.

The comprehensiveness and reporting of the information provided by Proteus is unmatched by any other offering, thus making it an ideal application for marrying the many disparate monitoring tools for communications systems.

  • Billing system delivery benefit greatly from the usage data provided by the Proteus CDR
  • Network Optimization systems are enhanced by the performance and quality data of VoIP QMS
  • CRM and BI tools are ideal repositories for the call data history information
  • Integration with our own SmartRecord® provides an invaluable link enabling event based recording based on trending data from Proteus

Interaction Recording & Quality Management

The evolution of recording platforms and their increasing relevancy to transaction and interaction based customer communications has created substantial opportunity for expanded OEM relationships.

As the evolution of the multi-channel contact center and marketing operations teams for large corporations continues, the relevance of integrating these best of breed channel based solutions is growing.

The tightest possible link between recording platforms, IVRs Queues, CTI applications, CRMs and BI tools is the best way to ensure an optimum customer interaction.

To this end CTI Group will continue to expand our market leadership stance through increasing our extensive OEM portfolio to deliver increased compatibility with the best of breed solutions in these areas.


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We developed the first multi-tenant hosted recording solution . . SmartRecord®