A powerful and intuitive eBilling solution designed for Communication Service Providers


As new rules regarding tax come into force customers need to identify and categorize the taxable components of their business usage. This enables them to apply the correct taxable charges to process their tax returns more accurately. Analysis can now pull all of this relevant usage and taxation data from the service providers billing systems, giving full visibility of different taxation across regions. As a direct result customers are provided with greater clarity and the service provider experiences reduced billing costs.

Analysis is a powerful and intuitive ebilling solution designed for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). It gives your customers the freedom and flexibility to manage all costs across their entire business, safe in the knowledge that they have control of their telecoms expenses.

With the increased number of services CSPs now offer to customers, a single central ebilling and analytics platform is essential to ensure efficiency savings and improve customer acquisition and retention.

Analysis removes the need for converged billing systems and its reporting tool combines data from disparate systems into one centrally accessible point.

It delivers a vital service to Enterprise customers, while saving valuable time on customer support and billing print fulfillment costs for the Service Provider. It enables customers to better understand and manage their telecoms spend through standard and bespoke reports n with the added benefit of online access. Detailed reports are available instantly at every level of hierarchy, from trend summaries to individual line items.

Flexible Deployment

Analysis is built with flexibility in mind, allowing Operators to choose which features are suitable for individual customers. Thus Analysis enables the Operator to provide a basic, intermediate or advanced deployment option, in line with customer needs, demands or spend.

Why Businesses Need ‘Analysis’

  • Direct online access to fast, powerful cost analysis
  • Substantially reduces customer service costs – by empowering them to resolve their own billing queries
  • Helps to understand customer behavior and maintain proactive customer relationships
  • Can consolidate data and report globally on key accounts
  • Unparalleled levels of integration and deployment options for all sizes of CSP
  • Mirrors the user’s own business structure – so that phone usage can be easily managed
  • Delivers exacting levels of analytics

End User Benefits

Saves time and cost– Standard reports are instantly available, and customized reports can be run within seconds – so the user gets just what they need, when they need it.

Cost allocation – enables administrators to allocate costs to hierarchy or cost centre structures that reflect their business.

Greater transparency – customers benefits from much clearer bill information, allowing them to examine usage at department, team and individual levels. 

Service Provider Benefits    

Win new customers– As the variety of telecoms services grows and billing becomes more complex, Analysis is fast becoming a “must have” on tender documents.

Self-service – empowers customers to answer their own billing queries, thus delivering major savings in terms of time and money.

Complements existing systems – can be delivered online as a stand-alone solution or integrated into your portal.

Proven scalability – Meets the needs of all customers from consumers to large enterprises and MNCs

Flexible deployment – Implementation and on-going development is up to you as the solution can be hosted by CTI Group, yourself, or a nominated third party. In addition the power to change and adapt the solution to meet your customers’ needs is all yours.

Current major deployments by more than 10 of the world’s leading Tier 1 Communication Service Providers.

Our Solutions

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Partner application Analysis version 1.09 supports Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 6 and is Ready to run with Oracle Exadata Machine.

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“Great Customer Service has always been at the very heart of our business, and with the help of CTI Group we’ve delivered a world-class eBilling and analysis platform.”

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