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Allows you to create company-wide settings, e.g. set all transactions to business or personal. A useful tool for businesses where users pay the entire bill but claim for business calls. In addition of you apply learnt tagging then once a user tags a number it will be tagged in all future bills. The setting up of emails allows you to remind users to complete their tagging.

Rules are easily created and assigned to departments within an organization. A simple example of rule usage would be for those users who need to pay for their international calls.

The following settings/categories are available within each rule:

  • Tag usage based on its destination type
  • Tag usage based on its transmission type
  • Tag based on day of the week, (e.g. Sat/Sun set as personal)
  • Tag usage between company phones

Admin users can use the Company Phone Book to set up a company-wide address book, setting numbers as either personal or business and ensuring users have these as default settings so are unable to change them.

From My Phone Book you can add your friends and family so there is no need to tag them month after month. In addition usage tagging management allows you to create users assigned to a handset who don’t need visibility of the usage tagging features. Thus catering for users who still want to log on and view their calls but they are exempt from paying for their personal calls.


The structure internal to many organizations means that one department may be responsible for all of the line rental costs below it. The ability to manually re-assign these charges to the appropriate phone or department, supports both the reporting and budgeting requirements they have. As this re-assigning of charges is used for reporting and budgeting purposes only, the cost of the bill remains unchanged and users can view reports based on the re-assigned charges.


Quite often a phone may be re-assigned to another user mid-way through the billing period. This means that its usage and charges are split and assigned to different cost centers. Split Charging facilitates reporting on all instances of the phone and its associated costs, thus allowing cost center managers to easily see the costs associated with their departments.


Unbilled usage enables customers to download a .csv file which contains all of their unbilled usage for the previous 24 hours. Customers are able to then interrogate and report on activity which is yet to be billed.

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