Analysis RT

Analysis RT (Real Time) is a real time alerting module which fully integrates with our Analysis, ebilling and analytics solution.

Primarily designed to help identify ‘bill-shock’ Analysis RT is an out of the box module which eliminates the need for Service Providers to develop their own solutions.

It helps reduce customer churn by providing customers with access to real-time billing data thereby allowing them to monitor for exceptional or unexpected usage patterns.

Customers can use it to set up multiple alerts specific to their business needs to trigger when thresholds are reached.

 Helps reduce customer churn by providing access to real-time billing data. Helps reduce customer churn by providing access to real-time billing data.

Mobile users, both business and consumer, continue to be exasperated by unexpected charges on their bills. A survey by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reveals that 1 in 6 mobile users has experienced bill shock – leading to frustration, heated calls with customer care, customer dissatisfaction and customer churn. If just 10% of these unhappy customers decide to move suppliers as a result, then communication service providers (CSPs) will have a heavy cost to bear.

The continued high adoption rate of smartphones and their often invisible consumption of data capacity leaves users exposed to unexpectedly high bills With Analysis RT the CSP is enabling customers to gain more effective control over their costs, leading to greater customer satisfaction and a reduction in churn.

Designed to complement our already globally proven Analysis bill presentation and invoice analytics product, by adding a real-time data processor, thereby providing the end user (or customer) with access to their pre-billed usage data for analysis and alerting purposes.

With the explosive growth of ‘always on’ data and customers not being totally aware of how much their data consumption costs are, then Analysis RT provides a real opportunity for CSPs to gain more value from their customers, by helping them to control their costs, thus helping to transform the phenomenon of greater choice into greater value for customer

 Helping your customers to prevent 'bill-shock' Transforms 'Greater Choice' into 'Greater Value' for customers. Helping your customers to prevent ‘bill-shock’ Transforms ‘Greater Choice’ into ‘Greater Value’ for customers.

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