BroadSoft Specific Integration

Over 60 BroadSoft Service Provider implementations globally. 

SmartRecord® is fully certified on BroadWorks and is endorsed by Broadsoft as the call recording solution within its Call Center Xpress application. It provides Service Providers operating BroadSoft systems with a product that integrates tightly into the softswitch and multimedia subsystem (IMS).

It delivers:

  • Support for automatic provisioning of the “Call Recording” feature for a
    BroadWorks user.
  • Support for optional automatic assignment of the Call Recording service to a BroadWorks user.
  • If the BroadWorks group security feature is enabled, users are automatically discovered and can be imported during the number creation process.
  • Support for configuring the on-demand Call Recording interface capabilities directly from the SmartRecord interface.
  • Support for the BroadWorks provisional IETF SIPREC standard implementation.
  • Fully integrated into the BroadWorks and Call Center Xpress toolbars.
  • Supports BroadWorks authentication for single sign on.
  • BroadWorks IMS compatible.
  • Support for message capture including IM/chat and social media

Carrier Benefits

  • Monetize call recording as a service for additional ARPU.
  • SmartRecordTM is proven in the field for reliability, scalability, and security within a carrier network.
  • True multi-tenant system.
  • Rapid installation and configuration with low ongoing maintenance.
  • VMware Ready
  • Integrate SmartRecordTM into your provisioning system and end user web experience for seamless application delivery.

End User Features

SmartRecord® will provide your business customers with a service that will assist in compliance with various standards including PCI DSS (Global), ISO 9001 (Global), FCA (UK), MiFID (Europe), HIPAA (USA), CPNI (USA), SAS-70 (USA).

Standard features include: Real-time alerting; an Archive utility; Call Annotation; Call Categorization; CRM integration; Live call monitoring; FTP File Access; Mobile Access; and Reporting.

Optional value-add features include: Real-time speech analytics; Screen recording for complete interaction capture; and an Agent Evaluation toolset for performance and training management.

White-label read, HTML 5 compliant, Web 2.0 end user browser experience to industry leading security

Mobile Application SDK

The SmartRecord® Mobile App Software Development Kit (SDK) is a programming framework for compiling mobile apps of the SmartRecord user interface. The SDK provides Service Providers with a toolkit that allows them to apply branding, embed the recorder URL into the app, and then compile the app for distribution to all the major mobile handset operating systems.


   Endorsed by BroadSoft as the call recording solution within its Call Center Xpress application.     Endorsed by BroadSoft as the call recording solution within its Call Center Xpress application.

Want to learn more?

CTI Group is an Enghouse Networks company – for more information on this key product please visit the Enghouse SmartRecord Cloud page – here.

“We needed a call recording solution that could be directly integrated into our hosted unified communications platform (BroadSoft) and would allow for Cloud-based recording. SmartRecord® meets these requirements while also ensuring that calls are recorded irrespective of whether it is a cell or desk phone that is used.” 

Sanjay Srinivasan, Chief Technical Officer at Telesphere