Cloud Based Interaction Recording (Multi-tenant)

SmartInteraction Suite

SmartInteraction Suite is a carrier-grade recording solution that is designed for Service Providers who wish to provide interaction recording as a service within their network. Service Provider’s typically implement interaction recording as a value-add service to complement their core SIP-trunk and IP Centrex products.

Rigorously scale tested and proven to perform in the very largest multi-tenant carrier environments where over a billion transactions are recorded per month.

Built as a single product in a single architecture, CTI Group’s SmartInteraction Suite incorporates:

These components support the most complex architectures:

  • Pure TDM
  • Pure VoIP
  • Blended TDM and VoIP
  • Disparate switch environments

SmartInteraction Suite is the perfect platform for providing cloud-based recording services because:

  •  It effectively allows the Service Provider to monetize recording as a service.
  •  Provides a secure multi-tenant architecture that is regularly penetration tested.
  • Has proven scalability with over 70 carrier installations globally at end of 2013.
  • Enables white-label branding for all Service Provider and Reseller groups defined in the platform.
  • Provides billing data to the Provider for each reseller, tenant and subscriber.
  • Allows automatic provisioning of the call recording service through central provisioning systems.
  • Provides feature-based licensing to allow product variants to be created for different vertical markets.
  • Supports local and geographical redundancy at all levels of the application with five-9s availability.
  • Is built upon a carrier-grade application stack.
  • Includes a feature-rich recording platform suitable for contact center and compliance recording needs and compatible with numerous industry regulations such as PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), MiFID, Dodd Frank, HIPPA, SAS-70, and other regulations.

Industry Leaders and Innovators

As prolific innovators our solutions have been provided to Telcos for over 25 years, delivering:

  • First carrier-grade multi-tenant solution
  • First solution to be successfully implemented by a Telco
  • First solution to scale to multiple thousands of concurrent calls
  • First call recording solution to leverage a carrier-grade SIP stack
  • First solution to offer an op-ex business model
  • First solution to have geographic resilience capabilities
  • First solution to record mobile phones in the provider’s network
  • First call recorder certified on VMware
  • First BroadSoft IMS recording deployment

 SmartRecord®  . SmartRecord®  .

The first multi-tenant hosted recorded solution.

SmartRecord® Patents

Want to learn more?

CTI Group is an Enghouse Networks company – for more information on this key product please visit the Enghouse SmartRecord Cloud page – here.

“Providing better business outcomes for our enterprise customers is key, so finding a single hosted solution which was accredited across both Cisco HCS and BroadSoft platforms was a great find for us. We are confident that SmartRecord® will deliver a hassle-free and cost effective solution for our customers.”

Michael Knee, COO of Amcom