September 1, 2014
 Interaction Recording - a CTI Group Speciality

Interaction Recording – a CTI Group Speciality

The transition from traditional voice recording systems to hosted is being driven by the adoption of hosted IP Centrex services, or Cloud PBX, and Cloud contact center services.  This migration is accelerating at a rapid pace as Tier 1 Service Providers bring Cloud PBX and in-network mobile call recording services into their product offering.

Traditional voice recording platforms now face substantial challenges as advanced technology allows people to communicate across multiple platforms using a wide range of mobile devices. In addition traditional voice recordings platforms have rising capital expenditure costs, unlike the newer platforms that require minimal capital investment. Moreover, traditional platforms were never really designed to scale to meet the growing demands of today’s users in our ‘always connected’ world.

Today’s recording solutions are specifically designed to address the issues of cost, scalability, reliability and security, as they focus inherently on capturing and analyzing our complex modern day communications.

Traditional voice recording systems are now being left in the dark as millennials increasingly adopt more intimate and personal communication methods which incorporate video, SMS, chat, email and social media. Those organizations, who continue to rely on the traditional voice recording platforms, are in real danger of missing out on strategic business intelligence which the latest recording platforms can deliver. In addition as industry compliance evolves to keep pace with our communications then the prospect of fines and liability issues become increasingly greater.

Hosted is the answer for many reasons.

  •  Opex versus Capex
  • Geographical redundancy
  • Easy adoption
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Resilience
  • Customization

CTIG’s specialty is provisioning over-the-top (OTT) services to Network Operators and Service Providers, with an install-base of approximately 70 Providers globally who use our SmartRecord solution.

 SmartRecord is a carrier-grade recording solution that is designed for Service Providers who wish to provide interaction recording as a service within their network, enabling them to deliver an extremely robust, scalable and tamper proof solution that meets compliance.

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