September 16, 2014

The benefits of implementing in-network mobile interaction recording are exponential for MNOs, Providers, and the end-user. MNOs provide this solution as an over-the-top (OTT) service, which gives them a competitive advantage over operators already in the market. On the other hand in-network recording also adds a high value OTT service for a Providers portfolio leading to many benefits. Lastly, the end-user will enjoy the ease of use that comes with using in-network recording versus out of network recording.


MNOs are emerging as viable long term providers of mobile phone recording solutions. These solutions are being introduced as over-the-top services (OTT) and differentiate the MNO from the competition. MNOs may have been slow to implement this technology to date, however there are still numerous opportunities for them which include:.

  •  First to market advantage
  • Added value OTT service
  •  Competitive advantage
  •  Multiple routes to market

MNOs have multiple routes to market with these solutions, both direct to corporate accounts and indirectly through MVNO and reseller channels. This also presents an opportunity for the MVNO to gain more business by earning customer loyalty, and offering other types of solutions for enterprise mobility and device management.


This network-based approach also has advantages for the Provider as it adds a high value OTT service into their portfolio, increasing ARPU and stickiness per subscriber on the service. There are initial integration challenges that make setup quite complex, but the end result is a robust, regulatory compliant solution that is tied to the subscriber rather than the handset.

  • High value added OTT service
  •  Increasing ARPU
  • Stickiness per subscriber

Network-based recording is typically implemented using one of three techniques, which include; IN Integration via SCF, IMS Integration, and Session Border Controller Media Forking. CTIG supports each of these implementations. Each Provider will have unique deployment requirements and provisioning the service will involve network management per subscriber.


The true value of in-network recording comes from the experience for the end user. Not only does in-network recording create a safety net for risk, liability and compliance for the organization, it also provides great benefits to the end-user with its simplicity. 

  • Network-based solutions are handset agnostic meaning companies are not restricted to specific handsets
  • There is no service setup delay which keeps the end user satisfied
  • Roaming coverage is provided through the Provider’s CAMEL/WINS gateways
  • Users can’t disable the service unless given permission to do so
  •  There is no need to migrate to an alternative Provider
  •  It is unnecessary to manage the distribution of apps to handset users

Overall, in-network mobile interaction recording brings great value to MNOs, Providers, and the end-user. It is a high value, OTT service that differentiates MNOs and Providers within the market, while delivering a seamless and secure end-user experience.