July 13, 2015

Many organizations have hosted unified communications, but are their systems intelligent?

Intelligent hosted UC creates, manages and delivers value for companies that use unified communications. It’s more than just a phone call, explained CTI Group Vice President of Business Development in the Americas Bill Miller in a recent EDUcast sponsored by CTI Group and Telecom Reseller.

Hosted UC means communications functions are supported and stored on the cloud, rather than on the premises. Companies don’t have to deal with purchasing and managing equipment; instead, they only have to worry about paying a single monthly bill they can budget for. But when companies implement a hosted UC experience, they want more than simply moving telephony and call control to the cloud — they want everything else to follow, and ordinary hosted UC isn’t always able to deliver.

Intelligent hosted UC makes it possible to record and log calls and chats with employees, customers and vendors, and then capture and analyze actionable data from those communications.

What’s Driving the Shift to Intelligent Hosted UC?

According to Infonetics Research, the hosted UC market has grown 20 percent since 2013. The market is expected to continue to grow as more businesses see the advantages of using this technology. Advances in technology and a trend of moving operations to Internet Protocol have helped intelligent hosted UC make gains. Because IP allows service providers to put all transactions on one physical network, there are huge cost savings. The technology also helps facilitate UC, as it brings together voice communications, Web conferencing and other business collaboration tools.

Competitive markets have also driven a need for intelligent hosted UC. Whether companies are trying to recruit tech-savvy millennials who expect top-of-the-line communications tools or trying to optimize business operations with customers, intelligent hosted UC provides a range of solutions.

Advantages of Intelligent Hosted UC

A strong communications system is the backbone of any successful organization and intelligent hosted UC provides additional quantifiable bottom-line advantages. These include:

  • Predictable costs. By outsourcing all the company’s communications functions to the cloud, they become a single monthly charge.

  • Rapid ROI. Organizations need a strong and reliable Internet connection and may need to purchase some devices, but implementation is fast and produces savings almost immediately.

  • Enabling a mobile workforce. Because it can be accessed from any location, intelligent hosted UC can help your company meet the demands of today’s tech savvy workforce through the implementation of a virtual office.

  • Additional benefits. Intelligent hosted UC delivers other typical outsourcing benefits such as easy scalability, management from any location, seamless integration and more time for internal resources.

Who Should Consider Intelligent Hosted UC?

There’s a broad acceptance for intelligent hosted UC across industries. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of it, although small and mid-sized businesses may see larger benefits simply because they don’t often have dedicated IT teams who oversee their communications needs. Finance and insurance firms, public sector and governmental organizations, health care organizations and real estate companies — those that often rely on call centers or many touchpoints with customers — can especially benefit from intelligent hosted UC.